In 2011, CSA Software and Consulting was founded for taking aim at running QAD operations successfully in Turkey. Nowadays, it is providing prodıucts and services to different industries around the world.

CSA Software and Consulting meets its business solutions to companies. Their main purpose is to keep customers’ satisfaction level at highest.

CSA Software and Consulting is serving automotive, consumer products, and life sciences industries.


CSA Software and Consulting always keep suiting their vision and mission to today’s current environment. And it aims to evolve and develop. It offers business solutions to needed industries. For supporting efficiency, it offers the best consultancy services to customers.

  • QAD (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Prophix (CPM – Corporate Performance Management)
  • Planettogether (APS – Advanced Planning & Scheduling)
  • E-support.pro (Support System)

CSA Consulting and Software  continue to grow successfully by providing efficient products and  these products’ services to  their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which conditions are we serve consulting services to our customers ?

CSA  Software Consultancy works with special distribution agreements.

  • 09:00 – 18:00 Support Center
  • Support for 5 days
  • Consultant staff informed by the latest trainings

What level is the training and experience of the personnel within the local support organization?

Consultants can receive the training of the latest applications at very short intervals thanks to the Istanbul training center. QAD also has a wide range of e-learning resources. Thanks to Prophix Academy, every updated feature is discovered by our consultants for a short time. Planettogether Resources makes it easy to learn continuously.

In the current crew, we had a 15 software consultant. Six of them are junior consultants that 2-5 work experience. And the rest of our crew is a senior consultant that 10-20 years of work experience. Our whole crew running projects national and international. And they will continue to manage these projects. These are our reference firms; ITG, Glaxo, GKN, Stryker, Eaton, Supsan, Ermetal, Konveyör, Dentaş, Bıçakcılar, ABC…

How long will be there approximately the time to deal with the urgent problems that may arise in the software?

  • The support unit responds to any problems as soon as possible during working hours.
  • CSA Software Consultancy can provide web support with licensed application (Teamviewer)  requiring remote access.
  • Consulting service is not provided by telephone. Telephone and Web consulting services are charged separately.

What is the history, financial and administrative structure of the software company? What are the goals for the future of software? What is the time for support that can be committed to the software?

  • QAD 1979 , Prophix 1987, Planet Together 2004 has been offering solutions to the World software industry.
  • These softwares has been offering services to its customers for many years.
  • The number of global customers in Turkey is increasing day by day so we will continue to offer services.

Does the software have a modular structure? Does the modular structure work fully integrated?

  • The software has a modular structure and works integrated. It works with EOB methodologies like Add-on products and QExtend

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