Training has an important place in order for the projects to be put into practice successfully and their benefits will increase without any loss. QAD Corporate Applications serves its customers with a very rich content in training and documentation. For the most efficient use of these training tools, CSA Consulting offers our customers both on-site and with our trainings.

A common problem experienced in all organizations is wear in knowledge / skills. Over time, the roles of employees change, leave the organization or forget vital skills. To address these issues, QAD focuses on helping our customers maintain their highest level of activity through online training. A comprehensive online training range is offered, along with a Training Management System that tracks users’ completion of training. In addition, there are schedules of classroom training events in different parts of the world and on-demand training can be organized for our customers.

The training center supports more than 50 online lessons on QAD products and industry concepts; Customers who actively use QAD Support services can access them for free.

Attend classes held by the instructor and focusing on specific topics, offering hands-on exercises and knowledge transfer from experts on related topics.

Information and control of the functions of QAD products are verified through product exams.

To meet the specific needs and business processes of the company, you can request customized trainings to be offered on site, these are provided when necessary.